Let hyperautomation generate competitive
advantages for your business

We quickly identify, control and automate any business and IT processes.
If you want your company to grow, this can be the turning point.

What is hyperautomation?

Hyperautomation is the integration of technological tools to create an end-to-end automation. The vast majority of organizations have an extensive and expensive set of business processes supported by an outdated aggregate of technologies and different systems. This leads to failed or overlapping efforts that increase technical debt and unsustainable IT architectures, resulting in a huge pent-up demand for agility, efficiency, and democratization of process automation and data integration. With hyperautomation, we quickly identify, control and automate any business and IT processes.

NTConsult works with hyperautomation based on three pillars of orchestrated technologies:
Business Process Automation (BPA); Robotic Process Automation (RPA); and Process Mining.

Why hyperautomation
with NTConsult can boost
your business?

Our way of working with hyperautomation is a business-oriented approach, which allow us to integrate cutting edge tools and technologies to deliver results in process and task automation, extending your company’s potential to grow in an organized and scalable way.

By combining the best platforms in Business Process Automation, Robotic Process Automation and Process Mining, our high performance specialists deliver the best that the automation world has to offer for your business.


users using processes automated by NTConsult


automated processes in companies spread across 8 countries

Business Process
Automation (BPA)

We automate any process, anywhere! Our approach on Business Process Automation allows us to automate complex processes and build business agility by using the most efficient BPMS (Business Process Management Suite) int the market, such as Oracle BPM, IBM BPM, Camunda BPM and others (regarding the latter we are the first company in Latin America to become Camunda Platinum Partner. Click here to know more about our work using Camunda).

We have 14 years of experience implementing process automation in companies from various sectors, bringing competitive advantages that helps your company grow. This means security, agility and ROI for your business! Our differential is that our expertise in process automation is independent of technology, our professionals are highly capable of automating processes using a variety of platforms.

Robotic Process
Automation (RPA)

We use Robotic Process Automation to analyze your workflows, ensuring a complete diagnosis of your business processes. In this way, we can act in a consultative way in accordance with your strategic goals, proposing improvements in processes before applying automation.

Using the best tools in the market, such as UIPath, BluePrism and others, we can automate the operational activities of your business in a personalized way, according to the planned schedule, with agility and security. Of course, our professionals are RPA specialists regardless of the tool, what means we can work on whatever technology you prefer, or even analyze your business and suggest the most appropriate platform for your needs.

Process Mining

With this innovative technology, we help your company  to monitor and improve processes by extracting knowledge from event logs. By using the best Process Mining platforms, such as Celonis, Upflux and others, we implement assets that help identifying deviations and waste, at the same time boosting your business potential to increase sales and improve the capacity to provide services, generating revenue and promoting  continuous process improvement. Still, as we always highlight, our professionals are specialists in Process Mining regardless the technology, so we can use any tool, you prefer, or even analyze your business to propose the platform that fits best in your context, ensuring much more reliability in decision making.

Some benefits of hyperautomation with NTConsult

Promotes the orchestrated integration of disruptive technologies in your company’s day-to-day business, executing processes faster and more efficiently and reducing errors.

Digitally transforms your organization by aligning business processes and technology investment.

Reduces the operational costs of organizations by combining hyperautomation technologies with redesigned operational processes.

Allows employees to focus their efforts on work that add value to the business, rather than working on repetitive tasks. This creates a smart working environment and enhances the capability of the workforce by increasing productivity.

Since NT Consultants were “BPM experts” independent of the tooling, their perspective  really helped us stabilize the application and resolve the user experience issues in 3  months, which was impressive as that was inclusive of the team having to rapidly on-board to our highly complex, regulated, financially performance guarantee laden  Pharmacy Prior Authorization application concurrently.”

Director, Software Engineering @ Medical Enterprise