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Feb 23, 2023 | Development, Nearshoring

When discussing nearshoring and its benefits, we always look at it from the point of view of the company hiring specialists or squads, but what about those who will fulfill these positions? What are the benefits of nearshoring for them?

Nearshoring benefits from an employee perspective

To start, this offers them the chance to work on an international project, experience a different culture and increase their language knowledge. There are many personal growth possibilities in being part of an international team.   

On the flip side, those same possibilities require professional maturity. Let’s go through each one: 

  • To work on an international project is an excellent chance to open the horizons to a professional, the chance to work with people with different backgrounds and different cultures, allows the professional to better understand his colleagues way of thinking, and better adjust to different situations. Many times the cultural differences allow for a better overall experience as teams learn to adapt to both worlds.  It’s an excellent opportunity for both the client and vendor to learn from each other. 
  • Experiencing different cultures enhances the professional’s ability to learn how to read the room and understand what is behind decisions and choices he might not agree with or understand. This skillset teaches the professional to be highly flexible and adaptable as it requires openness to new ways of thinking. Very quickly they are able to communicate their point of view with cultural differences in mind, and get their message across. 
  • Increasing their language knowledge is vital for any consultant, and even more so with nearshore professionals. Many times, we see team members that have good levels of English, Spanish or Portuguese (the main languages we work with), but might lack the confidence on their skills. We have an amazing buddy system that pairs them with a senior professional and allows them to have someone to rely upon in case a word is missed, for instance, allowing them to quickly gain the experience and the confidence to be leading meetings in no time. 

“Working with nearshore can be a fascinating experience not only for the team members but also for their leaders. A leader expands his/her vision when managing squads for different clients abroad. Each client has its own particularities, needs, and rhythm. Working as a nearshore coordinator for North American clients has made me able to recognize those diverse scenarios, help the team in the right direction, and bond with the clients – all while always searching for a long-term relationship.” 

Thera Albuquerque – Nearshoring Project Coordinator for North American projects

These are just a handful of the nearshoring benefits seen from the side of the professionals that will be working with you. They motivate and challenge us to become better partners with you.  

Nearshoring with NTConsult

At NTConsult, besides our attentive recruitment process to select only the most skillful and committed applicants, we have professionals, like Thera, in overseeing the collaboration between our employees and our clients throughout the entire project.  

If you would like to find out more about how we handle project management in our nearshore outsourcing, please contact our team by completing our online form here.  

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Author: Emilio Oliveira

About: Senior business process architect, and previously a developer, business analyst, user researcher, and more, with a background in computer science and 20+ years of international experience in several industries (banking, financial services, retail, benefits, etc).

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