NTConsult named 2022 Camunda Partner of the Year award in both North and South America!

May 20, 2022 | Automation, Camunda, Development, Nearshoring

NTConsult has been transforming itself into a leader in the software development world for almost two decades. Through this, there has been a huge emphasis on custom building digital solutions. For the last 10 years, Camunda, has been standing out in the process orchestration and automation area as one of the most reliable, agile and efficient BPM platforms in the world. With both companies build around immediate ROI for their clients, building a partnership was a natural transition.

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This very synergistic partnership has helped businesses throughout the world. While NTConsult has always put a strong emphasis on automating processes, utilizing Camunda expeditiously increased our client’s productivity. Adding Camunda’s efficiency and security to our technical excellence and agility in allocating senior technical professions made it an easy decision for us to team up with Camunda. Working in the many different markets, from large national financial institutions to the largest gym chain in the United States, NTConsult and Camunda have been redesigning, orchestrating, automating and managing end-to-end processes that ensure business success and enable scalable growth.

And this partnership does not stop there. NTConsult was awarded as the Camunda Partner of the Year in both North and South America. In Camunda’s own words:

NTConsult has done a fantastic job driving businesses, not only in Latin America, but as well in North America. They have distinguished themselves in multiple capacities (…) And I really want to recognize the fantastic work they do in the Americas. Thank you to the whole team!”.

Christiana Christenson (Vice President, Global Partners)

You can watch that part of the event in this short video:

A recent study carried out by Forrester Consulting¹ proved a reach of up to 389% ROI in clients who implemented Camunda in its Enterprise version. In addition, other significant benefits were identified during the survey in some clients, such as:

  • Savings of 96% to the end user thanks to the improvement and optimization of business processes.
  • 90% fewer instances of bad processes through process automation.
  • $1M profit from increased business agility and $800K profit from Enhanced User Experience.

These are just some numbers to illustrate the big picture. The results that NTConsult and Camunda can deliver to your business go beyond that and can be adapted to your needs and strategic goals.

NTConsult holds the highest level of partnership, the Platinum Partner seal. All this added to the recognition of Partner of the Year and the many projects carried out for clients around the world, puts NTConsult on a completely different level from other software and automation companies today and allows us to deliver the much-desired ROI that every organization needs. This is how we do it: with this continuous and focused work, NTConsult, in partnership with Camunda, has been delivering results that leverage the business and solve challenges on a daily basis.

Case 24 Hour Fitness - Process Automation

NTConsult is also responsible for the Camunda User Group of The United States (West Coast), with developers, enthusiasts and interested in the process automation world. On June 8 we will be holding a free online event about Camunda 8, the new version of the platform. To participate and have access to the news first hand, you have to be in the group at the link: https://community.camunda.com/camunda-chapter-west-coast/.

Need help with process automation or any other digital solution challenge? Send a message! We will be happy to hear your and propose the best ways to solve them through technology and the best professionals in the market.

We are a Camunda Partner of the Year. Contact us to find software development and Camunda nearshore team members!

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Author: Philippe Alencar

About: copywriter and marketing analyst, graduated in Business Administration with specializations in Marketing and IT Governance, has been working in the digital solutions market for the last 11 years.

Reference 1: https://www.forrester.com/consulting/

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