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Agile innovation, design and data driven journeys for entrepreneurs and companies with a Digital Transformation, Customer Experience and Innovation agenda.

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How does strategic design help your business?

Creating people-centric products and services

Solving complex problems

Making more efficient product decisions

Making technology investments assertively

Developing a culture of innovation and digital transformation


Business Design

New Businesses for New Economy

Design businesses understanding the market pains, people and the concerns of entrepreneurs and companies. From that, we jointly design business model hypotheses that will be validated and tested in the market.

Service Design

Relevant services to the customer journey

Investigate, map and develop new business service scenarios by studying the journey and experience of people across all company touch points.

Digital Product Design

Great experiences with digital products

With digital product design, develop solutions thinking about the customer and user experience through the design of applications, online stores, portals and systems that impact business and the market.


Through strategic design, explore, investigate, map and develop new scenarios for businesses, services and products, studying the journey and experience of people at all points of contact in the company.

Through a co-creation process, design and prototype solutions for testing in the real world, aiming at the most appropriate solution for the context presented and which will generate the greatest learning.

Experiences that make sense are made by People, with People and for People, delivering real value in a scalable and responsible way.

We build together with your company, transforming opportunities into products, services and digital businesses, designing competitive and strategic solutions for people and for a market in constant transformation.