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NTConsult Camunda Services

Solve existing gaps in your projects and quickly enable the achievement of business goals through our Camunda technology teams and services! Unlike other companies that provide technology consulting, but that do not have exclusive service or expertise in Camunda, we are a proud Camunda Platinum Partner. This means our team members have the highest certifications and more practical experience than many other organizations. This has allowed us to boost the efficiencies of companies in many different countries through automation with Camunda. We provide a special, customized service with centers of excellence in automation, making us the ideal partner to achieve your automation goals.

We are recognized for the talent of our professionals and our high ability to solve problems through technology. Our teams are formed by talented specialists, hired through an assertive selection process. They are ready to engage in your projects, and since we offer a nearshore service, our teams will work with you in your time-zone, ensuring real time collaborations, with competitive pricing and delivering high standards of quality!

By adding our expertise to all the possibilities that Camunda has to offer, we allow you to extract the maximum performance from Camunda, even in the most complex projects, performing workflow automation services, API orchestration, microservices orchestration, decision automation and much more, thus increasing the success of your projects and efficiency of your organization.

We are the only organization to achieve the
Platinum Partner Partnership in both Latin and North America.

Within three weeks, they did a proof-of-concept workshop, where we had daily briefings to make sure that everything on the technical side was working (…) It was one of the most interesting collaborations I ever had in South America. So, I would like to encourage you, if you haven’t work with NTConsult before, to do so. Preferably with Camunda, but if you have another project, I’m pretty sure they can help you as well.
Renko Pauwels

Enterprise Account Executive, Camunda

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Learn how to use Camunda to meet your business goals!

Build a POC for a workflow and watch the automation magic.

Pick a process that would benefit from being automated, and let’s build the workflow around the process. We begin by setting up the basic environment for presenting the POC. In addition, we deploy the process in the configured environment, automating the pilot process and implementing tests and collection of results, ending with POC validation.

Camunda Setup

This service includes the initial diagnosis of your business context and the design of the architecture. We will also propose the model of integrations between Camunda and other systems. Furthermore, we create and configure the productive and non-productive environment and make the fine tunings according to the client’s needs and scalability. We also deliver the deployed pipeline (CI/CD).

Camunda implementation

We model the processes to be automated, with an understanding of the current scenario and an optimization proposal. We also map and model business rules, orchestrate integrations and microservices, develop APIs for integrations with other systems, and develop interfaces for the work queue. In addition, we implement process automation and omnichannel creation. In addition, we publish the automated processes in the configured environments.


We carry out training and technology transfer of automated flows, on various topics, such as:
  • BPMN 2.0
  • BPM Foundation Camunda
  • Camunda BPM and Microservices
  • BPM Camunda for Java Developers
  • BPM + DevOps Camunda


We provide service channels for handling incidents. Services we offer:
  • Chat service
  • Ticket system
  • Remote answering
  • Monitoring, optimizations and preventive maintenance of the architecture

Some advantages of implementing or expanding Camunda with NTConsult

Enhance the use of Camunda and achieve maximum benefits for your organization!

With our differentiated expertise in Camunda, and our team of high-performance professionals, you can be sure that your projects, however complex and challenging they may be, will be in the hands of a premier Camunda Platinum Partner!

Eliminate bottlenecks by gaining efficiency via automation!

From the diagnosis, modeling and improvement of processes, from the simplest to the most complex, our Camunda experts increase your business’s ability to generate revenue and reduce costs!

Grow agile and scalable!

This is possible because we can operate Camunda in a distributed cluster (depending on a single shared database), and our professionals are specialized in this type of service, working for years on complex Camunda projects.

Exploit your flexibility to be able to take advantage of business opportunities!

We can embed Camunda in custom Java applications or use the platform as an independent process engine server. That way, we have several ways to meet the needs of your business.

Don’t get stuck with Java! Get maximum performance from REST APIs!

This service allows developers (who do not work with Java) to create applications linked to a remote process engine!

Find out how to get these and many other benefits!

Use Cases

Automate Human Workflows

Many organizations have mission-critical processes that require people to perform tasks manually. A complete end-to-end business process often requires manual work to be combined with automated steps in a unified workflow. By using Camunda to automate human tasks, you can free your team of professionals to focus on tasks that really add value to your business. This generates optimization of time and increased productivity. NTConsult offers the best professionals in Camunda with a state-of-the-art toolset for human workflow and technical workflow automation, ideal for taking care of the lifecycle of your processes. Prepare your business for scalability and enjoy the best your team has to offer!

Orchestrate Microservices

Modern microservices software architecture often requires orchestration to ensure critical business processes that span multiple microservices can be carefully monitored, managed and analyzed. With NTConsult applying Camunda microservices orchestration, we can get all the benefits of microservices, without losing sight of the information flow. We build distributed microprocesses, without losing the benefits of orchestration, in addition to taking advantage of the IT assets already invested.

Integrate with RPA Tools

We combine Camunda with the most efficient RPA tools available, applying robotic process automation in the analysis stage, to understand your processes and propose, in a consultative and strategic way, improvements that allow you to increase your team’s productivity. That’s because virtual robots perform automated tasks, so you free up your collaborators to perform actions that demand more of human understanding. This means intellectual freedom to leverage your business.

Replace Legacy BPMS

Many companies still have legacy BPM systems and are slow to realize that it is too limited, restrictive, expensive, or at the end of its life. This creates several problems in the organization, preventing scalable and organized growth. These legacy BPM systems can’t scale dynamically, which means they cause issues that negatively affect customers, consequently causing damage to your business. Moreover, they don’t provide the resources you need to keep improving your processes in a continuous way. But don’t worry, since we work with Camunda applied by the best professionals, we can provide an end-to-end orchestration and business-IT collaboration, ensuring a cost-effective service that solves your problems!

Replace Homegrown
Workflow Technology

It’s not uncommon for organizations to begin workflow automation by creating software from scratch, coding a process in Java, or creating a simple state machine. Our specialists provide flexibility and high performance, implementing Camunda in a way that the engine scales with increasing demand.

Add Workflow to Software Products

Aggregating workflows to software products saves time and resources by incorporating Camunda, rather than building something from scratch. Since Camunda is a flexible, lightweight, and embeddable platform that will solve your workflow problems.