We use process mining to help your company improve every single process of your business

We provide process mining services that help you get a complete visibility over your processes, allowing us to find and fix any inefficiencies in the way. Our approach on process mining delivers benefits that put your business on another level, compared to the competition when it comes to efficiency and greater visibility for decision making.

What is process mining and how it helps your business?

Process mining is an innovative technology that helps to monitor and improve processes by extracting knowledge from event logs available in enterprise systems. It can be defined as an analytical approach for discovering, monitoring, and improving processes, providing transparency to show the business flows as they actually are. In other words: it’s like an x-ray of your business, that helps you visualize things as they are in the daily life of your company, in order to help you improve everything, leading to the right directions.

How we use process mining to boost your business?

By identifying deviations and waste, we can act on it to solve a large range of business problems, which helps your company to increase sales and improve the capacity to provide services, generating revenue and promoting continuous process improvement, among many other benefits. Since we are hyperautomation specialists, we have deep knowledge in this matter, using the best platforms, such as UpFlux, Celonis and others, offering insights and linking machine learning and data mining, which ensures much more reliability in decision making to implement new and more efficient processes. Others benefits we offer by implementing process mining:

Consultive overview with objective, fact-based insights

We offer insights based on the reality of your specific business, extracting data from your database and turning it into actual smart information, helping you track back, audit, analyze, and improve all of your business processes.

Simplicity: no need to rip-and-replace anything

We don’t exclude your existing software and internal systems. Since we analyze and work based on your real scenario, our approach on process mining considers all of your software ecosystem, which means there is no need to rip-and-replace anything.

Agility and accuracy

It is faster and much more accurate than the lengthy and heavy process mapping workshops that many companies insist in implementing.