Shortage of software professionals? How to overcome the difficulty in finding IT professionals 

Oct 26, 2022 | Development, Nearshoring

The headache of every tech recruiter is finding software professionals promptly. This shortage is a bleak reality. According to the US Labor Department, by 2026 the technology sector will have 1.2 million open jobs.    

The problem is not only experienced by recruiters: hiring must become a constant commitment of every organization in order to ensure a premium talent pool. 

Shortage of software professionals - data abou job opening

The reason is simple: digital demand will only increase, and companies that offer digital products more quickly will be one step ahead of the competition.  

But, how do you overcome the shortage of software professionals in the technology field? How do you ensure the quick and efficient hiring of developers, test analysts, UX designers, and so many other IT professional with the necessary knowledge and expertise you need?   

The answer seems obvious: IT outsourcing. But wait! Do not leave this article. We know you may already be outsourcing your software projects, so there does not seem to be anything new here, right?  


In practice, you still experience the same pain every day – despite maybe already having an outsourcing service provider, they most likely take a long time to deliver the experts needed for your projects.  

A good reason this happens might be because you do not have the right technology partner. When your outsourcing provider takes more days than expected to allocate new professionals, your project bottleneck becomes more problematic. Delays in product launches and decreased revenue-generating potential are just some of the many consequences.  

Staff Augmentation

Software outsourcing companies’ scenario

According to a study by Accelerance (one of the leading global authorities on the tech market), 97% of software outsourcing companies are seen as unqualified to deliver the quality and results that customers expect². In other words, 97% of these companies are leaving their clients unsatisfied with their results. Wow!  

It does not have to be that way, and you can find that tech partner who is among the 3% that makes a difference and allows your digital products to take off! That is because the secret to maximizing performance and boosting the efficiency of digital product projects lies in partnering with a software outsourcing company that can offer more than just the workforce allocated. We are talking about a service customized and focused on the reality of your business.   

What does that mean? Your IT outsourcing partner must be able to deliver managed professionals quickly and be able to guide them to solve your company’s challenges by understanding not only the needed technology but your core business. This approach guarantees greater agility in your projects and allows for a high ROI.  Is this making more sense now? 

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NTConsult prides itself in doing what it takes to stay within the 3% of software development companies that help businesses overcome the shortage of finding software professionals that meet our client’s needs. We ensure our team leaders know your industry and understand your pain points. They work with our teams to make sure your goals are our goals and we all have common prirorities. This means that not only do we know the needed technologies but we know your market. 

IT Nearshoring

In our 20 years of building custom software solutions (and augmenting teams), we have acquired expertise in transforming business challenges into digital solutions in more than eight countries.    

Leave your message at the bottom of this page, and we will be in touch shortly to show you how all this is possible! 

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