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We are a global technology company committed to making a difference in organizations and people’s lives. In our path of nearly two decades, we have developed cutting-edge digital solutions that added value to our clients and solved their business challenges, working with a large range of programming languages

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Our Differentials

No geographic barriers: we operate all over the world, solving problems in technology and business. Headquartered in San Diego, California, and development centers in Brazil, Mexico, Peru, and Uruguay.

Recognized worldwide in the software and innovation market for our capacity to deliver projects with added value, built by agile teams of talented professionals.

Our client success stories are abundant. Contact us here to schedule time to chat and find out firsthand.

We quickly mobilize squads with high-performance professionals, motivated to work on your project, fluent in English, and working in your time zone, ensuring real-time communication and high synergy with your team.

Our Latin American-based technology teams are culturally aligned with your teams.


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Our leadership

It is our people that have brought us our success. At the head of our teams, we have some key people who have been with us for years.

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Claudio Comunelo Rodrigues

Chief Executive Officer and Founder

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Marcelo Obino

Business Development and Marketing Director

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Jairo Silva

Chief Technology Officer

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Rafael Dornelles

Chief Financial Officer

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Jeandro Perceval

Chief Operating Officer

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Juliano Izaguirre

Chief People Officer

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Mindy Shanes

Vice President of Sales and Marketing

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Marcelo Ceribelli

General Manager

Investing in Improvement

We are always developing new internal programs to improve as a company, maintaining constant evolution. Learn about some of them below: 

NT Labs logo


NTLabs is an internal NTConsult program focused on training and developing professionals. It consists of collaborative initiatives aimed at improving:

    • Internal communication;
    • Promote knowledge sharing;
    • Provide opportunities for young talent;
    • Train professionals and foster innovation.

Among NTLabs initiatives, we have several other projects and partnerships with educational institutions, always aiming to improve our work environment and keep our professionals trained and highly qualified.

NT Diversa logo


We value diversity as fundamental for everyone’s growth, both as professionals and people. We are a plural company and we fight for a more inclusive and diverse society. That’s why we created NTDiversa, an internal team of NTConsult professionals responsible for creating programs to foster diversity.

    • We repudiate any type of prejudice, whether based on race, creed, gender, sexual orientation, culture, ethnic origin or any other;
    • We foster women empowerment and create spaces for women in prominent positions;
    • We encourage and create space for LGBTQIA+

Respect for differences is vital.

Diversity is a key to innovation!


NTConsult and Society

Our work philosophy is not restricted to the way we relate to our people and our clients.
At NTConsult, we are committed to making a positive impact on society, acting, one step at a time, in projects and initiatives that help build a better world.

We are gamers!

We pride ourselves on being a nerd and gamer company! Technology and online games go hand in hand, there’s no denying it. We know that a large part of the people that develops and consumes technology is also connected to the world of video games, and with that in mind, we at NTConsult realize that we cannot be left out! So, the idea of sponsoring an eSports team came up! Today NTConsult is the official sponsor of Izanagi eSports, which has teams that are already active in the competitive scenario of League of Legends, CS: GO and other games known worldwide.

Izanagi is a team with a vision very similar to ours and also aims to make a difference positively in the world, which increases our synergy even more. In addition, we also organize internal online game championships among our employees, as a way of socializing and having fun. To know more about Izanagi eSports, click here!

Logo Izanagi

Environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG)

As a company, we are aware of the importance of building and maintaining projects within the Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance area, reason why we are engaged in social and environmental actions. See some of our initiatives:

Social Impact

In the NTConsult culture, we are in the habit of periodically engaging our employees in campaigns to collect food and support materials for people in need. In our most recent campaign, we collected more than 3 tons of non-perishable food, which were distributed to vulnerable families in southern Brazil, with the help of two local NGOs. 

Environmental impact 

Izanagi, an eSports team sponsored by NTConsult, invests part of the sponsorship amounts in planting trees in reforestation zones. The number of trees planted is directly connected to the number of matches won by the team in official competitions within the competitive online gaming scene. This is just one of the environmental initiatives that we are already putting into practice. In the near future we will have many others, which we are already developing, as we want help to build a sustainable future for all of us. 

Work with us

We are driven by talents who are not afraid of challenges. Working with us, you’ll be joining a global tech company with nearly 20 years in the market, widely recognized for the high performance of our professionals and for delivering innovative solutions in critical projects. We value our people, which is why we are dedicated to creating a multicultural work environment without geographic boundaries, in order to foster constant learning and professional development. We are proud of our people and constantly invest in training so that our professionals continue to improve more and more. 

    • We love challenges
    • We value problem solving skills
    • We are geek, gamer and culturally diverse
    • We have no geographical boundaries
    • We are NTConsult 

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