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The turning point for your business. You don’t have to spend money searching for the best professionals to join your squads. We’ve got them, and they are ready to engage in your projects, without geographic limits and within your time zone.

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What is Nearshoring? 

In brief, nearshoring is the outsourcing of services to companies in a nearby country or in the same time zone.

NTConsult has a nearshoring model that generates several competitive advantages for our clients, since we are able to deliver highly qualified professionals without geographic limits. In other words: they work in your time zone and are aligned with your country’s culture, which ensures real-time communication and greater synergy with your other teams working on the project.

Clarity in communication is essential for projects to be successful, especially when dealing with complex subjects such as those in the technology area. Hiring NTConsult nearshoring ensures communication without language barriers, in real time and in line with your culture.

Our differential

It’s vital to understand quality-cost tradeoffs. NTConsult delivers squads with the best software specialists of the market, with fluent English, and working in your time zone, for a price that is more competitive than the North American’s. And the best part: we do all that ensuring the highest standards of quality.

By choosing the less expensive options, you have to understand that, as rates decline, quality can drop off exponentially. Too often we’ve seen this dynamic play out to the detriment of our client companies that come at us for help. What seems like a way to save money at first, ends up becoming a loss several times bigger during the course of the project.

That’s precisely why NTConsult offers a perfect cost range that ensures ROI and delivers the kind of quality that internationally known clients use as success stories to this day.

Advantages of Nearshoring with NTConsult

Time zone compatibilty

ROI for your company

Agility and focus on your goals

Best professionals in the market

Security: NT is globally known for highly sucessful projects

Cultural, language, and geographic alignment

Real-time collaboration and communication

Nearshoring Insights