Top 8 Questions about Camunda 8

May 27, 2022 | Camunda, Development

Camunda is one of the world’s leading process automation and orchestration platforms with a newly released version, Camunda 8! With this new cloud version, and boasting many new features, this version promises to further improve the results that companies have been reaching with business process automation, increasing the benefits organizations can get with this platform. 

And since this is a hot topic at the moment, nothing better than getting to know more about it, right? That’s why NTConsult hold a free remote meetup to present Camunda 8! We had an intimate discussion directly with the developers who helped create the platform, covering features, news and questions: Top 8 Questions about Camunda 8!

And you can join us at the main virtual gathering of Camunda users on the West Coast!  

User meetings are a great way to connect people who use or are interested in Camunda, providing everyone with an opportunity to exchange experiences and share knowledge about everything in the world of orchestration and automation of processes and decisions. In this meetup, we aim to add knowledge and foster networking with Camunda users. 

And as a special bonus, every attendee of this Meetup received an invitation to attend a free training course: “First Steps in Camunda 7/8” from IBPM – A NTConsult BPM Training Company. This free offering is only available for those that attend the meetup. 

Check out the other webinars we hosted on the Camunda Users Group below:

If you are not yet a member of the Camunda User Group on the West Coast and wish to join, click here.

Questions about Camunda 8

Watch the video to know the Top 8 questions about Camunda:

Case 24 Hour Fitness - Process Automation - Camunda 8

Philippe Alencar - NTConsult

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