Embracing AI in Software Development: Forward-Looking Results   

Jun 20, 2023 | Development, Nearshoring

With the world speaking about Artificial Intelligence (AI) left and right, it’s difficult to understand precisely where it can fit your organization. Maybe you aren’t ready to fully automate some more conventional roles, but AI can do more than write your code for you. The good news for software development teams, in-house or otherwise, is that endless applications can benefit from integrating artificial intelligence into software development. 

“But what exactly should I be using AI for?” you may ask. Let’s explore some beneficial ways AI can help complete your team and tools. 

Reduces the Mundane 

As with many other industries and services, software development benefits greatly from artificial intelligence by cutting out repetitive, mundane, and manual tasks. With AI, you can free up your resources and allocate them better to projects that require critical thinking and evaluation. 

When you don’t need to rely on your staff to input raw data into the system, for example, you can instead use them to review the current development process and edit what the AI has created for you. 

Efficient Automation 

Besides completing mundane and manual tasks that were previously not thought possible, machine learning enables an AI to repeat processes that you have deemed correct or valuable. Code generation, code debugging, and testing can all be automated if the project is considered low risk or if you are creating multiple iterations for review. 

AI is powerful tool, but still cannot do one thing: it is outshined by human intuition and creativity.

AI works well with processes already in place and prompts, leaving the rest of the work to the team to set clear goals and achieve milestones. 

With efficient automation, you can also free up time for your management team. It can be tempting to have all hands on deck during complex projects and time periods. With AI, you can free up management time to work ON the business instead of IN the business. 

Setting clear goals, complemented by artificial intelligence, can accelerate your time to market and become more competitive. 

Review and Error Fatigue 

Let’s face it, reviewing and repairing code and projects have a human error factor. This doesn’t mean that AI is perfect, but it can analyze large datasets for a set of criteria quickly and efficiently. AI also does not get tired of staring at the same lines of code on the screen for an extended time, making it just as efficient tomorrow as it is today. You can stay on-task and in compliance with AI, as it can help satisfy regulatory requirements much more accurately. 

The best way to implement AI in software development as a tool for review and problem-solving is to use it with a team member or dedicated advisor. It can identify bottlenecks and anomalies, but the decision-making will be better delegated to a human for optimal efficiency. AI can also provide possible courses of action or opinions based on the dataset you provide. 

Your review team will primarily benefit from AI in the software development and review process. Having to pick out minute inconsistencies damages the ability to see the whole picture and decide where you are going. It is a common problem to get stuck with “busywork,” where your staff members waste excessive time focusing on issues that will only marginally help your business. 

AI in software development. Beneficial ways AI can help your team

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How Can I Keep Up? 

Reading through this material, you may have already implemented some of these tools into your repertoire. If you have done so, remember to constantly evaluate what kind of impact artificial intelligence can have on your business. 

The topic is not new, but the application is as novel as possible. With the proper guidance, you can implement AI to revolutionize how you work, and your brand is run. 

We understand this can be challenging, so NTConsult is here to help. With 20 years of experience, we’ve helped companies reduce costs, increase revenue, and make them more efficient. We know how to implement AI in our software development environment correctly. 

Having a tech partner that keeps up with the latest trends and is prepared to enhance their work and achieve improved results for clients are significant advantages to consider when in need of augmenting your team or hiring a managed squad. 

Schedule a free call with us today, and we’ll point you in the right direction in this opaque environment. 

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