Transparency in public administration: business case in the government of Colombia 

Sep 1, 2022 | Development, Nearshoring

There is no doubt about it, health, safety, and education are important areas where government authorities should invest efforts to provide a better life for citizens.  

This is where transparency is crucial.  

One possibility to provide this window into public administration is an e-governance solution. It can be defined as an opportunity for government to deliver services and information between government to citizen (G2C), government-to-business (G2B), government-to-government (G2G), and government-to-employees (G2E).  

The e-governance applications and software allow people and entities to access available government information round the clock and make the delivery of government services more effective, approachable and transparent.  

Common digital services range from informative websites to more complex applications that allow people to check if they are eligible and apply to social programs.

This are just some examples of technology in public administration.

The Project 

In 2020, the Departamento Nacional de Planeación da Colômbia (DNP) – Colombia’s National Planning Department (equivalent to the United States Department of State) hired NTConsult to implement the project of their Investment Map also called transparency portal.  

In this project, NTConsult created the PIIP (Platform Integrated for Public Investments), which unifies all public expenditure management processes, generating gains in agility, standardization and ease of access to information for both the citizen and federal employees. 

Additionally to visual and functional improvements that enhanced the user experience, the work carried out by NTConsult made the website responsive to mobile devices and the implementation of features made it possible to use for people with hearing and visual impairments, ensuring thus greater inclusion of citizens. 


With the platform that manages all state investments, the Investment Map is generated and can be publicly accessed by all citizens. 

In the portal, the user can obtain information on public expenditures for projects already executed, are in execution, or are even planned to occur in the future, in other words, monitor the complete cycle of any investment project. The searches can be done through filters, or even through a map that allows searches with a simple mouse click in the chosen region. 

As illustrated above, the adoption of technology in public administration empowers the administration to redefine its role while gaining efficiency, transparency, and reducing costs with staff and paperwork. 

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