NTConsult’s global expansion: design company acquisition, Camunda partner and partnership model

Nov 22, 2021 | Sem categoria

Vision and strategy are vital for companies that want to grow, especially in challenging times in which we face a pandemic and economic crisis. It is necessary to reinvent itself and find opportunities where most people only see problems.

It’s with this posture taht NTConsul achieved the 50% growth mark throughout 2021.

It’s also part of our culture: we transform challenges into solutions and make a positive impact on the world through technology. 

In a year of intense work and strategic investments, one of the main actions was the acquisition of Titanium, a people centric company that believes in the power of design to solve problems.

Companies that invest in design grow 2x more than their peers, according to a study by business consulting McKinsey (2018).

These companies’ main actions are to really understand the clients, bring empathy to the organization, design products and services in real time and in an agile way.

We are certain that NTConsult’s incorporation of Titanium will result in the combination of the best that the world of strategic design and digital solutions has to offer, leveraging our well-known ability to add value to our clients.

NTConsul - Camunda Partner of the Year

In addition to major advances in the design world, NTConsult has reached new heights in BPM business process automation. In 2021, we became Camunda’s Official Reseller, being the first organization in Latin America to reach this milestone. We also achieved the Platinum Partner seal on that platform.

Camunda is one of the most modern and efficient process automation tools in the world, and our partnership has literally saved client projects in several countries. We are proud of the results of this incredible work and we know that these achievements are proof that we are getting stronger. All of this mean security and guaranteed return on investment for companies that come to us with business and technology problems to solve. 

Over nearly two decades, we have built a successful trajectory based on adding value to our clients and humanizing our relationships with employees and partners. We achieved important milestones, and now, with 18 years in the market, we are implementing the Partnership work model, a strong trend that has been already applied by reference companies in Silicon Valley.

NTConsult has always been an organization that encourages entrepreneurship among employees, and now we have a special opportunity for both the company and the people who are part of it. With this model, we offer the opportunity to the employee to be part of society through the purchase of shares that make each person the owner of a certain portion of the company. In addition to strengthening the organizational culture, it’s an investment and a bond of trust between two parties that want to grow.

The Partnership model has already proven to be effective and efficient in several companies, since it’s a modern solution to strengthen ties between the organization and its people, enhancing performance and boosting business. NTConsult directors have already acquired shares and are now part of the business society. In the near future, the same opportunity will be offered to other employees, following objective criteria and indicators.

These are just some of NTConsult’s main strategic moves in 2021, projecting exponential growth for the next year. NTConsult has been expanding at a rapid pace. We will continue like this, growing fast and coherently, without forgetting our values and goals: to use technology to solve business challenges, add value to our clinents and make a positive impact on people’s lives.

Case 24 Hour Fitness - Process Automation
Philippe Alencar - NTConsult

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