Camunda: How to go beyond platform adoption to achieve a high ROI

Oct 4, 2022 | Automation, Camunda

Every business manager knows that manual and slow processes hurt the company. Even with growing digital demand, many organizations still have inefficient processes or are limited by legacy systems. This situation prevents your teams from being as agile and productive and diminishes the potential for scalable growth. 

By using the Camunda platform to automate human workflows, orchestrate microservices, and control robotic process automation (RPA), companies can reshape their core technologies and automate manual processes no matter where in the organization the process is. 

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Last year, Forrester Consulting conducted The Total Economic Impactof Camunda study to assess the cost savings and business benefits of investing in the Camunda BPM automation suite.  

The search, based on interviews with six large companies from different industries, found impressive results. Customers using Camunda achieved an ROI rate of 389%! In part, by the fact that they: 

  • Achieve 3X faster development time 
  • Improve collaboration and synergy between the business and IT areas 
  • Reduce the time allotted for standard processes by more than 98% 

The above data is a small illustration of the return that Camunda can bring to your organization. Implementing the platform is just the first step. 

Companies that achieve this kind of result are developing a culture of hyper-automation, and more importantly, they are investing in Camunda’s technical knowledge. The tech world can be complex and requires expertise which has a considerable shortage of professionals available in the market

To overcome this challenge, you can hire a partner to help you to solve your business challenges through technology. For example, it is much more efficient and less expensive to count on the services of a tech company that provides the necessary professionals through an outsourcing model. 

How to choose a company to help to automate your business processes

Below are tips on how to choose a company to help to automate your business processes. After all, achievieving that 389% is something we would all benefit from and want. 

1. Look for companies officially partnered with Camunda, and prioritize those with the most advanced level of partnership 

Camunda has a partnership process that demonstrates how seasoned an organization is with the platform and can showcase successful implementation on many clients. The highest level is Platinum, and only a select group of companies have earned this level. Impressive for them! You can check this list on Camunda’s website. 

2. Choose the one that has the best Camunda BPM professionals and a hyper-automation culture   

Everything revolves around people.  

Choose a company that invests in its employees, hires the best, and trains them to always be up-to-date with current technology trends. Be careful, do not leave your organization’s processes in the hands of those who have not exhibited a history of successful BPA implementations.  

3. Success history with Camunda 

Now that you have found an official Camunda partner and they have demonstrated that they have skilled professionals, understanding their past experience is critical. Companies are often not allowed to present details of their projects for contractual reasons but a deep discussion with the company can sometimes be enough to understand if they are an active succesful Camunda partner or are just trying to sell a service. 

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Achieving the much-desired ROI and obtaining scalable growth simply by automating processes is much less complicated than it sounds? You just need to know who to trust. Talk to us and we will explain the process of how we go from manual to full automation.  

CamundaCon 2022 

One opportunity to know everything about process automation and all the competitive advantages it can generate for your business is to participate in CamundaCon, an annual conference dedicated to process orchestration with expert sessions, the latest Camunda updates, and networking with developers, architects, and IT professionals from all over the globe.  

CamundaCon 2022 with NTConsult

The event will be online and on-site at Radialsystem, Berlin, Germany, and will take place  October 5-6, 2022. We will have representatives both online and onsite to answer any of your questions.   

As a platinum partner for North and South America with Camunda, NTConsult is a sponsor for CamundaCon 2022.

Join us at the link below to meet us at our free virtual booth!

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